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Main advantages of cable duct warm (warm edge) than the conventional aluminum duct:

1. guarantees significant energy savings in both winter and summer: up to 80% of energy losses of the frames is produced at the edge of the window, because of thermal bridges are created from conventional aluminium duct; with the use of hot channel, the thermal transmittance Uw coefficient of 10% on average, thereby improving in this way the costs of heating and cooling of homes.
2. reduces CO ₂ emissions: by reducing the consumption of energy will reduce carbon emissions, so we can make an important contribution to the environment
3. raise the temperature at the edge of the glass up to 10 degrees than using the conventional aluminum ducting: there is a significant increase in comfort inside the House through the reduction of cold areas near the window and the decrease of cold drafts.
4. Decrease, until, condensation on the thermal insulation glass plate inside the House: the risk of water infiltration and mold on the surface of the window, because of allergies and severe respiratory ailments, are greatly reduced.

Below is an example that has an average of energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO ₂) using Windows equipped with drain warm (warm edge), instead of the conventional aluminum duct for a standard House with a glazed surface of 40 m ².

The use of the cable duct warm (warm edge), instead of the conventional aluminum duct, reduces the transfer of thermal energy produced around the edges of the Windows, between the Interior and exterior of the home.

Risparmio energetico