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You have decided to change the doors throughout the House, but you don’t knowwhich one to choose?

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You have decided to change the doors throughout the House, but you don’t knowwhich one to choose? Read this article and discover all the tricks and the right advice to guide you towards the right choice. We start from the materials. Wood, laminate, solid, massive, often very confusing to figure out which type of door we face. To understand it better, we start from the consideration that the synthetic finish laminate doors are usually the cheapest. And I say generally because a door of this kind can cost around € 500, but if we can find them at large deployments or wholesalers, there are also around 100 €. Clearly the quality of this kind of door leaves a little time it finds, the finishing touches are quite lacking, often banal and finishes the provenance, not made in Italy, it is sometimes unknown. Different story, instead, for quality laminated doors, which in recent years have taken much foot and companies have created some very nice and original collections with a figure of 250300 we can buy.Made in Italy, with modern fixtures and quality accessories. If we want to come up with quality, we must shift our attention to the wooden doors that can be grouped into two types, paneled doors and solid wood doors. The first consists of a structure that supports a layer of waterproof mdf and in this case from a real wood veneer to a few millimeters thick. Their production covers around 90% of the total production of interior doors with prices that hover around € 700. Solid wood ones, however, have a cost that ranges from 350 to 900 and consist entirely of wood, without a hollow-core structure. Its structure is in plywood and covered with wood veneer. Well, now you have an overview about the most commonly used materials. To complete your purchase, but you must also know the different types of ports that exist on the market. I suggest you read the next article focused on the topic of doors.