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You have an outdoor area and do not know how to exploit it?

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From doors and Windows it is possible to find a solution that suits you best. With warm weather coming up stay on the porch in the Sun is not always ideal, especially if there are bugs and a temperature above 30°.
We offer an innovative solution that can create a space to be exploited for all weather conditions.
Outdoor furniture covers are ideal for any application to roofs, terraces, pergolas, swimming pools
Represent the evolution in terms of technology and design. Formed by sliding panels that allow an opening up to 75% which allows passage to the air. Made of glass, polycarbonate, multiwall polycarbonate and sandwich panel. Thanks to these solutions furniture, garden and veranda buy a new value and a new dimension to live. Is it possible to add: a tent at nuvoletta inside on the ceiling which will be sheltered from the scorching sun, led lighting will give the brightness in the evenings and the DMV.
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