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The Windows Welcome the sunshine in our House and in our rooms. To protect the privacy of the hearth domenstico from prying eyes, QFORT has come up with different types of glass depending on your needs.
The founding of thermal insulation double glazing Windows and doors, integral andQFORT, are produced in one of the most modern factories in Europe of insulating glass.
The space between the panes is filled with inert gas (Argon), using a computerized technology that closes tightly and guarantees an Argon concentration equal to 90% minimum. The glass panes are separated by a protecting tube (spacer) filled with silica gel, or grains that have the ability to absorb moisture.
To increase the performance of thermal insulation of glass protecting tube (spacer) of insulating glass is folded without using connectors for coupling of the corners. Usual thickness of layers of glass varies between 4 and 8 mm (8 mm laminated glass, single glass 4 331, 442 or 552). By combining multiple layers of glass of various thicknesses in the same double glazing, insulation is better than what would have occurred using panes of glass of the same thickness.
The Windows QFORT can be equipped with different types of glass with various properties that, in addition to the benefits guaranteed by the low-e glass SuperLowE, offer many benefits. Our technology enables us to manufacture insulating glazing with either burglary glasses, both with solar control glass, the latest innovation in the field.
All Windows and doors are equipped with QFORT standard insulating glass SuperLowE (Super low emission), with warm (warm edge technology), with two or three glass panes. The Windows/doors with three glass panels gives a superior thermal and acoustic insulation.
In this way, energy costs for heating your home during the winter and cooling costsin the summer are reduced significantly.
SuperLowE (Super low emission) significantly reduces the heat loss of the Windowsduring cold weather and enhances the ability of thermal insulation thermal insulation Windows.
Reflective glass is used in particular to reduce the heat from the Sun’s rays while still providing a high level of luminosity and privacy during the day.
Solar control glass combines the advantages of a glass SuperLowE (super low emission) with those of a reflective glass: summer offers a high security by reducing the greenhouse effect inside the House, while in winter keeps the qualities of thermal insulator. In addition, this glass has very high light diffusion properties compared to all other types of reflective glass.
Solar control glass planitherm bronze
Safety laminated glass (duplex) or burglar consists of two or more glass sheets joined by transparent resin film. This type of glass has many advantages: high degree of safety and burglary protection, improved noise reduction and reduction of risks of accidents (its particular structure, causes the glass pieces remain stuck together in case of breakage, reducing injuries caused by broken glass). Also laminated glass offers the best sound insulation than other types of glass.
Ornamental glass has as its main role is to maintain the intimacy. Has a good light transmission factor and allows better lighting than the reflective glass.
Vetro planitherm bronze controllo solare